Game overview

Cybersouls is the culmination of over a decade of MOBA/A-RTS evolution, pushing technical boundaries and modernising an otherwise stale genre, by not just combining both classic and widely familiar elements with capture the point and capture the flag mechanics, but by incorporating truly unique aspects such as a parallel dimension, real-time character switching, manipulation of time and space, and by utilising real time physics such as gravity, light and more.
Cybersouls prides itself with ground-breaking innovation and an imposing identity resulting from more than a decade of global MOBA experiences.


Heroes are the main actors on the battlefield and what the player directly controls. Unlike any other MOBA, in Cyber Souls you get to pick two Heroes every match with the option to switch between them whenever you see the opportunity. Either stick with one hero, or capitalize on the flexibility of two and become the match’s wild card!

Hero Attributes

Attributes are the Heroes’ lifeblood - they decide their base strengths and weaknesses within the 3D world and the Backend. These include attributes such as “Defense Matrix” which regulates damage received and Health/Energy regeneration which regulate the recovery rate of each respectively.

Hero Experience

The main resource used by Heroes to gain levels and increase their overall power level. Players decide whether to give their experience gained to one, or both, of their chosen Heroes. This opens up a multitude of strategic options and gameplay patterns.

Death & Respawn timers

Unlike the typical MOBA experience, death is not a break from the game - in Cybersouls, after death you transform into a drone which is able to scout the map and provide essential information for your team until you respawn.


This system offers the freedom of choosing and switching between two different Heroes. Unlike previous multiplayer titles where you have a single choice to define your strategy, here you can adapt to any match with two choices.


Each Hero has an attribute intrinsic to them called their COFI - Copia, Orphic, Ferox or Illunis.

Depending on which two Heroes were picked, a bonus will be granted upon tagging from one Hero to another based on the COFI combination.


The Orb is the Flag in our Capture The Flag element embodied within Cybersouls. Unlike other titles with CTF, Cybersouls offers a dynamic shift in the Orb's behaviour based on in-game situations.


Leaving the Orb by itself may not be always the best strategy, as after it spawns, the Orb will generate a protective barrier for each team's Outposts.


One-sided stomps is not the norm, as the more Outposts a team controls, the more difficult it will be for them to move the orb. On the flip side, if a team owns no Outposts, their ability to make a quick get-away with the orb will be drastically increased.


The Capture the Flag element ties into the point system in that for every Orb captured, the capturing team will gain points and a dynamic bonus of experience and currency.


Cybersouls is a game with unparalleled strategic options. Should the enemy take your orb, you still have the opportunity to respond and hinder the Orb capture – even if only for a brief period. Triggering the Glyph will cause the Orb to drop and be unable to be picked up for a short duration, giving the defending team more chances to recover the Orb.


The last feature of the Orb allows for fair chases and attempts to recover the Orb - if the Orb carrier moves too fast or teleports, the Orb will be dropped at the point where movement exceeding the Orb's allowed speed limit was initiated.


There are four Outposts on the map, each providing a unique buff to the team that controls it. The effects of these buffs scale as the game progresses, with the Outposts also growing more resilient by the minute. Each Outpost can be equipped with an auxiliary which provides various bonuses to the Outpost. Each captured Outpost will also generate Dark Matter which can be deposited in the Hadron Collider.

Resilient will

Outposts will increase their defenses for each nearby enemy proportionately. This means that large fights around the Outpost will ultimately give the defender an advantage.


If a team is down to its last Outpost, that outpost will receive significantly increased armor making it much harder for the enemy to take.

burden of dominance

If a team somehow manages to capture all four Outposts they will have no armor, providing more chances for the disadvantaged team to recover.

Orbs Protection

Once the Orbs spawn, they provide a defensive boost to the team's Outposts which becomes stronger the longer the match goes on. This only happens as long as the orb is on its podium so checking on your Orb often is wise in order to keep your Outposts at their peak potential.

Outpost of Celerity

Increases the speed of all Heroes by 15% and decreases cooldown 10% (this bonus increases by 1% per minute)

Outpost of Ferocity

Increases the damage of all Heroes by 10% (this bonus increases by 1% per minute)p>

Outpost of Wealth

Grants 200 credits each minute (this bonus increases by 5 per minute)

Outpost of Wisdom

Provides 115 experience per minute (this bonus increases by 20 per minute)

Hadron collider

The Hadron Collider is the central structure of the map which both teams can access in order to cast global abilities.

It grants 2 points per minute to the team controlling it, as well as a buff which provides a diminished version of each bonus from all the Outposts regardless of who owns what.


This ability is announced globally and after 5 seconds the base of the team which activated this ability unleashes a deadly storm of energy killing all enemies inside.

Temporal rift

This ability will allow teams to choose an Outpost they own and obtain a boosted version of its buff for a short duration.


This ability stops all enemy teleportations for a short duration, allowing for decisive diversions and clutch gameplay.

Dark Matter

Each Outpost owned will generate Dark Matter, which is used to fuel the drive-core of the Hadron Collider. Note that any Hero can pick up Dark Matter, so capturing an Outpost does not guarantee you will claim it.

Furthermore, there are items tied to Dark Matter which provide benefits from accumulated Dark Matter.


After capturing an Outpost, the capturing team can buy an Auxiliary. These Auxiliaries grant game-changing boosts to the team that owns them. Auxiliaries offer many strategic choices which vary from offensive, defensive and even utilitary. After the purchase of an Auxiliary, the Outpost will be granted a Passive Effect and an Active Ability, which often synergize with each other.
Passive Effect:

Enemies near the Outpost will be marked for 5 seconds after leaving the Outpost area. The first enemy to come near a marked enemy will also be marked. The effect disappears if the affected enemy enters the Backend.

Active Ability - Overreach:
Shoot a global laser in a straight line, dealing 100 damage to each enemy hit and marking them.
Energy Inverter200
Passive Effect:
Outpost will drain 5 energy per second from each nearby enemy. After acquiring 1500 energy, it will drain 7 energy per second and not store any more energy.
Active Ability - Implosion:
After a short delay, release a shockwave which depletes all stored energy and deals 100 damage plus an additional 1 damage for each point of stored energy.
Passive Effect:
Outpost generates Dark Matter twice as fast. Enemies attempting to steal the Dark Matter instead destroy it and receive 20 damage per unit. Allies gain 10% increased movement speed while Enemies are slowed by 10%.
Active Ability - Mass printer:
Instantly generate 10 units of Dark Matter.
Passive Effect:

Each time the Outpost loses 20% HP, it will knockback enemies. The effect is stronger with each wave but has a 4-second cooldown.

Active Ability - Vortex:
Drag all enemies towards the Outpost for a short duration, after which knock them back and deal 200 damage to each affected enemy.
Titan Plating200
Passive Effect:
All nearby allies and the Outpost regenerate 10 HP/sec and have 10 additional armor.
Active ability - Titanium Boost:
Outpost becomes invulnerable for 5 seconds and instantly heals 35% of its maximum HP.
Passive Effect:
All teleport effects for the owning team last one second.
Active Ability - Recall:
Send a message to all players which will enable them to teleport to this Outpost. All players who agree will be teleported randomly around the Outpost and enter the Backend for 3 seconds.

Cyber Soul

The Cyber Soul is what remains of the Hero after falling in battle. Rather than returning to a static respawn screen waiting for a timer to slowly reach 0, the fallen player can still provide valuable scouting information to his team, so that they may adapt to their current situation.


After capturing an Outpost, the players will have access to its respective Energizer - a special structure where the players can recover their health and energy without returning to their base to fix themselves up, providing even less downtime within a match.


The Backend is the second layer of the map, which technically doubles the size of the map while still using the same playing field. Players can use the Backend to retreat from unfortunate situations, or even prepare a trap for unsuspecting foes.

Time Dilation

Time Dilation represents a unique game mechanic which either accelerates or decelerates all of a Hero's movement, attacks and even natural regeneration. There are various means of granting this effect and it presents various tactical choices - you can accelerate a negative effect to end it faster, or slow your own time to benefit from a strong buff for longer.


The Pronin are neutral creatures which can be found in the bottom of the map. These fierce creatures defend a Beacon that, once captured, offers the capturing team a new opportunity.

After the Beacon is captured, the Pronin will help the team which captured it, travelling the map targetting foes and enemy Outposts alike.

Kinetic Discs

Kinetic Discs (KD) are a means of traversing the map quickly and are always available to all Heroes. At the beginning of the match, you will be able to choose from four different Kinetic Discs, each with their own effects and boosts.

Global Real-Time Rewind

Did that engagement with the enemy not go as planned? Wish you had a redo?
Now for the first time in the genre, thanks to Unreal Technology, you can rewind the current game-state in real-time at the press of a button!
Reset, reorganise, reposition and try again. The past is yours to change!

Event Voting

Dynamic viewer and gameplay integration means you get to have an impact on how each match plays out!
Spice things up and make your voices heard here and now by voting for what happens live!